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HydroSilex is a global company with a multinational team and branches all over the world. With over 25 years of experience in the chemical industry, our products are all developed and manufactured through extensive knowledge and a huge amount of passion to bring superior products that anyone can use!

Over the years, HydroSilex has become the leading specialist in DIY ceramic coatings.

Qualitative accessible products that can be delivered anywhere and used by anyone is our vision. We stand by our promise of delivering what we say.

the best
for your vehicle.

first DIY professional ceramic coating


I have been using the complete Hydrosilex line for almost 2 years on 3 of my cars plus 2 race cars. I love doing my cars both in spring and fall and we do many miles of travelling. Easy to apply and the best thing is easy to wash and maintain after applying. Believe it or not you will feel the difference in surface drag on you vehicle by hand and every bit helps with speed and economy.

Arthur G.

Totally satisfied with Hydrosilex OffRoad, it is part of the “routine”, for years now every time I wash my 4x4 I take a few minutes and apply Hydrosilex offroad Ceramic Coat. Those couple of minutes take a vehicle wash to a superior level. The multiple coats give my vehicle the showroom look that beats hours of waxing and polishing.

Robert Zecca

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